My name is Brad Trowbridge and I am running for judge.  I believe the totality of my experience makes me uniquely qualified to sit on the bench.  My life and professional experiences are far broader than just within the legal system.

I have had two careers, one as a social worker and one as an attorney. After obtaining my MA in Human Development Counseling in 1986, I worked for many years with disadvantaged people from all walks of life: minority teen mothers, people with HIV/AIDS, and seniors living in poverty. I didn’t sit in an office. I did home visits in places like Cabrini-Green and the Lathrop Homes.

Since obtaining my law degree 11 years ago, I have focused on helping victims of domestic violence and their children escape abusive situations. I have thousands of hours of courtroom experience, as I have represented over 500 victims of domestic violence in obtaining orders of protection, dissolutions of marriage, child support and custody of their children.

I am running for judge because I believe we need more judges who understand the complexities of life and human relationships. I have not spent my career holed-up in a large law firm. I’ve seen how people really live and the difficulties they experience. I also have seen that not all people are treated fairly or with respect in the judicial system. (For more about these issues see the All Families Matter page of this site.)

Please read more about my background and experience. I believe you will find I am worthy of your vote.

I also invite you to contact my campaign with any questions or to get involved.